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Customers reviews of IXWebHosting web hosting plans & their ratings

The following IXWebHosting reviews submitted by the customers of IXWebHosting web hosting can help you to make an informed decision and find a perfect cheap hosting plan for your site.

IXWebHosting.com web site

Since 1999, IX WebHosting has been providing first-class web hosting services, and they are a subsidiary of the Ecommerce Corporation, a global company with offices located on nearly every continent.

IX Web Hosting has developed the respected guarantee programs in the industry: 100% refund and 30-day money-back guarantee, any-time money back, price-freeze guarantee and 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Cheapest web hosting plan offered by IXWebHosting

Plan Name Monthly Price Web Space Data Transfer / month
Expert Plan $3.95 / month Unlim. MB Unlim. GB More
Comments: The cheapest IXwebhosting web hosting plan includes 2,500 POP3 email accountss and 2 Dedicated IP addresses, offering UNLIMITED hosting i.e. support for unlimited domains and subdomains, unlimited web space and monthly data transfer, etc.

IXweb Hosting Expert plan supports Ruby on Rails, CGI-BIN, PHP 5, ssi, WAP sites, MYSQL and PostgreSQL databases, FrontPage extensions, DreamWeaver support and more.

IXWebHosting also offers more expensive Linux and Windows web hosting plans that include more free features (domains, IP addresses, etc.) as well as ASP, ASP.NET v3.5, Cold Fusion v7 MX, MS Access and Microsoft SQL 2005 databases, ODBC/DSN support, etc.

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Average IXWebHosting Rating by Visitors: 9 of 10 possible, Number of Votes: 7

IXWebHosting Reviews by our Visitors:

 Review by: Maria - Date: January 10, 2006 - Rated: 9/10

I've had IXWebhosting for over two years, so far has been great choice for budget web hosting. Great features, no hassles, friendly, helpful service, very reliable servers.

Very occasional server problems (3 or 4 in two years) have been remedied promptly with their 24/7 live support. Trouble tickets (essentially e-mail support) are responded to within 24 hours, often much faster than that. I have had no real problems with reliability, and downtime is minimal, average for the industry it seems to me.

The only shortage is that IXWebhosting uses a very old version of SpamAssassin. Most spammers now know how to get around the things older version of spam checking software look for, so ALL spam gets through.
Apart from that everything was excellent.

 Review by: Jake Minnert - Date: January 19, 2006 - Rated: 10/10

I have never had problems with IXwebhosting. Their support is top notch and my websites experienced only minor problems - due to bad scripting from my side.

IXwebhosting prices are great, their services offered far, far exceed the services on the other two websites I used. And if you don't end up liking them, you can cancel their service without paying for the full time. I am hosting 4 full domains there - each with their own different settings/services at no extra cost. The control panel is comprehensive and easy to use.

IXwebhosting support operators are friendly and always gave me a direct and correct answer.

I would definitely recommend IXwebhosting for people that know their way around the different scripting languages and are looking for a top web host at an affordable price.

 Review by: Phoebe N - Date: March 22, 2006 - Rated: 8/10

IX Webhosting has multiple Linux and Windows hosting plans and they offer many moneyback guarantee options.

For the money it works great. Uptime has been good. All webhosting providers will have some problems. The internet isn't perfect. Tech support has been good to me even when I created the problem. But I would recommend only if you are not using Frontpage 98. IX Webhosting changed something on their servers and it no longer works with 98.

 Review by: Ben Farcon - Date: April 11, 2006 - Rated: 8/10

I have had an account here at IXWebhosting for over 8 month and I should say that they are pretty good for the price.

My websites make use of Php, Perl, MySQL and PostgreSQL, and load quickly.
I visit my forums and blogs etc. everyday, and didn't experience downtime. I do not make much use of email with them, so I cannot comment on the reliability of the email. I started with the smallest plan, and as my sites have grown, upgraded to the medium and then to their largest plan, and during each upgrade there was no problems. At the busiest time, one of my sites got 5000+ hits per hour and it never slowed down.

IXWebhosting is using the Hsphere control panel, which is easy to deal with and it is a breeze to change, enable or disable options.

The tech support isn`t as good as it claims to be. If it`s a simple matter that can be handled in the on-line chat, great, but their response to trouble tickets takes entirely too long.

All in all, I found IXWebhosting to be a reliable host

 Review by: Angie Little - Date: July 28, 2006 - Rated: 10/10

This company is nothing short of AMAZING! I just posted the folowing on my web forum for all to see:
Let me give you a heads up again about my hosting company. NO, I get nothing for recommending them! I've just gotten out of hosting hell with someone who wouldn't even answer my emails or return my calls!!!
1] They allow you to call anytime and request a specific tech! If he is there, you get him. I know of NO company that does that. Because of that, I can call the same person; he knows my site now like it's his own. He and I have developed a partnership and I NEVER SPEND TIME TELLING A NEW PERSON SOME LONG HISTORY! I have a list of 4 of the best guys there!
2] The guys that work during the day are understandably busy, but they never seem rushed. Because the nights are slower, they go after the reallly tough problems, and they are relentless. They just will NOT give up. The only thing they won't help with is actual web design issues.
3] With the toll-free tech number, I sometimes call in and will be maybe the 3rd one on hold, but the wait is never long.
4] They do whatever they need to do to fix your problem or escalate it up to the next level. And that is NOT stall tactic like in some companies. They are back with me within 24 hours with a solution!!! But to be honest, it's been within just a few HOURS everytime. The longest I've waited is just until the evening when the night guys come on. They do the more time-consuming work.
5] I have NEVER heard, "Oh, that's a Windows/Microsoft/software, etc. problem... not ours."
6] The technical department is open via phone AND online 24/7. You can use the online access, but you get MUCH better service if you get the guys on the phone. Use the online method only if you don't have time to stay the course with them on the phone.

That sums up the service. The price is great... all of it is top-notch. I KNOW that when a few people have problems, THEY are the ones who seek out the forums to complain. The HAPPY ones don't often do that. So, I tend to realllly listen to them. The only complaints I have had are that I wish they offered more goodies like I had on Fantastico. For someone like me who knows "just enough to be dangerous," I need those "canned" features. The other one is this: Honestly, I am not impressed with the LIVE online help. It is outsourced to India and some of the calls go there. Those are not helpful. I just pick up the phone and get the help instantly.

 Review by: Janice C - Date: June 12, 2009 - Rated: 9/10

IXWebhosting has been a very reliable service over the last couple of years having transferred from another LARGE named hosting company. Their support staff is very friendly and helpful, but of course I always began my tech calls by telling them I knew it wasn't a problem on my end since I always did trouble shooting before calling. The other large named company ALWAYS tried to tell me the problme was my fault or on my end, even when I knew better. The email communication between the company and their clients is wonderful, alerting customers of situations and changes that are about to take place. Although I have been very happy with this company, I am searching for a new hosting company because IXWebhosting is about to drop their FrontPage support. Although I use FrontPage for only a couple of my sites, I do not want to have to rebuild them. If you do not need FrontPage extensions support, this is a great service.

 Review by: Jacob - Date: August 25, 2009 - Rated: 9/10

I've been with IX Web Hosting for just about 2 years and plan on renewing in September. My site has only been done for a total for 5-10 minutes in that 2 year run. I like IX because I don't have to worry about my website anymore, I made it, its online, and that's it, they'll call if there are any problems.

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