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Customers reviews of Dot5hosting web hosting plans & Dot5hosting ratings

The following Dot5hosting reviews submitted by the customers of Dot5hosting web hosting can help you to make an informed decision and find a perfect cheap hosting plan for your site.

Dot5hosting.com web site

Dot5Hosting offers budget web site hosting plans with plenty of web space and data transfer that are good for both personal and business web sites. They utilize Dell and IBM servers which run Dual Intel? Xeon processors with 2GB of DDR-RAM, SCSI hard drives with RAID-1 redundancy. Dot5hosting offers a 30 day money back guarantee for all cheap webhosting plans.

Cheapest web hosting plan offered by Dot5hosting

Plan Name Monthly Price Web Space Data Transfer / month
Hosting Plan $4.95 / month Unlim. MB Unlim. GB More
Comments: This plan includes 5,000 POP3/IMAP email accounts, 10 subdomain, MySQL, PHP web hosting, Frontpage 2000/2002 Extensions, and all the other usual for unix based hosts features.
You can host up to 6 separate web sites / domains on a single Dot 5 Hosting account.

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Average Dot5hosting Rating by Visitors: 8 of 10 possible, Number of Votes: 7

Dot5hosting Reviews by our Visitors:

 Review by: DKJ - Date: December 14, 2005 - Rated: 7/10

I believe dot5hosting is quite a good company, and for $5 I'm happy enough to stay. Sure, if I want better uptime, or whatever, I can get it - but it'll cost me. So for $5 a month I've got a pretty good host, to be honest. You get what you pay for - cheap host, acceptable bandwidth and uptime.

What I find extremely positive about Dot5 hosting:
1. Monthly transfer and storage. Pretty decent for $5/month.
2. Personal service. You can contact the CEO yourself if you feel like it.
3. Openness - forums.dot5hosting.com - they never had to put this up, but they did, and that's pretty cool. I should say that not every host does that.

The downsides of dot5hosting:
1. Occasional downtime - half an hour here, or there, usually at most.
2. Tech support not always great and sometimes slow to respond.
3. Things happen without being told, such as stats programs changing, or whatever. They could simply keep the customers informed a little better. But it's not a major problem – they’re usually upgrades they don't tell you about.

 Review by: Dan Claxton - Date: March 21, 2006 - Rated: 10/10

I have been with Dot5hosting for about two years by now and I should say it's the best host I've been with, everything that dissatisfed me at my 5 old hosts wasn’t like this at Dot 5 hosting at all. I love their control panel, easy to navigate, provides all the necessary functions and lets you manage everything with just few click of a button. I've never seen a second of downtime. Whenever there is a problem all you have to do is swing by the site, head into a live chat, and within 5 to 10 minutes your problem is solved. I think I've found my ideal host.

 Review by: Jenny J - Date: April 2, 2006 - Rated: 9/10

Dot5Hosting's customer service is excellent. They cooperated with me to meet my needs promptly, politely and effectively. My site`s only been offline for an hour, and I was quickly informed of the problem and what Dot5 Hosting was doing to fix the matter. The support has been excellent with queries always being answered, even when a solution hasn`t been possible, they`ve been polite enough to inform me of the fact rather than just ignoring my email. My site loads very quickly and smoothly. The only thing I disliked about Dot5Hosting is that they sent me 5 warning emails saying if I did not renew, I would lose my domain. The annual rate is the most economical and for the low price, I get quality service. In general, I recommend Dot5Hosting to everyone.

 Review by: dennis vick - Date: March 5, 2007 - Rated: 10/10

As a web designer & a musician, I have spent looong time looking for good website host company. I've been tricked so many times and finally, i have my "top 3" listed on my site. Do5 is one of them.
Those people are reliable, 99% time up, 5,000 email addresses and up, 24/7 support and the price ranges from 4 to 7 bucks...so do the math. I know there are many more people like i was, looking for the right one. Whichever one you choose, you won't go wrong! Cheers!

 Review by: Oamey - Date: May 26, 2007 - Rated: 8/10

They're decent, they are the first real host I have ever paid for. They do have occasional downtime, but I have not noticed any in the last two months, the amount of storage provided and the bandwith is good for the price. I have however experienced minor issues with email. They need to upgrade to PHP 5, or at least provide support for it. I am happy that I have successfully ran Joomla! on their server without any issues even though they do not officially support it. They could use more web applications as well, they offer a few forums, and a content management system that you can install with the click of a button. But their choices were not that great, I believe they should of definitely added Joomla, Mambo, Xoops, and a few other content management systems to their on the go portal installations. All in all, I am satisfied with them, I recommend them for small personal websites, and maybe for medium businesses.

 Review by: james - Date: July 4, 2009 - Rated: 6/10

I have been with them for about 3 years. overaall ok if you do not use much space. Unlimited space as advertised is not as good as it sounds. When I started with them, I got the 300 GB space deal. Since then, they upgraded to unlimited. However, I put ~2 GB worth of files in my 300 GB+ space (mainly photos) and the thing came to a halt. I no longer could look up files in my folders on the server, I could not FTP, I could not do much as all. Support folks said to see if I can delete some of the files. I said then what exactly unlimited means? It apears if there are a lot of files, your connection (to look up things or to ftp things) gets timed out real quick.

 Review by: Jeff Dunn - Date: October 2, 2009 - Rated: 6/10

I've been on dot5hosting now for a couple of years. It was OK at first, but now there have already been 2 downtime incidents this year (2009), and I'm thinking about moving to a more reliable site.

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