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Customers reviews of CirtexHosting web hosting plans & their ratings

The following CirtexHosting reviews submitted by the customers of CirtexHosting web hosting can help you to make an informed decision and find a perfect cheap hosting plan for your site.

CirtexHosting.com web site

Founded in early 2003, CirtexHosting has been delivering professional, affordable and quality web hosting to users all around the world. Cirtex Hosting offers everything that larger companies do, but at a lower cost.

Cirtex Host provides shared and reseller hosting services for both individuals and small businesses, and their website hosting services include 24/7 customer support, 99.5% network uptime and 30-Day unconditional money back guarantee in case you are not completely satisfied with webhosting services provided.

Cheapest web hosting plan offered by CirtexHosting

Plan Name Monthly Price Web Space Data Transfer / month
Basic Plan $2.99 / month Unlim. MB Unlim. GB More
Comments: Although Basic plan is the smallest and the cheapest hosting plan by Cirtex, it still includes many advanced features such as unlimited subdomains hosting, PHP 4/5 w/ Zend and IonCube, MySQL databases, Video Share hosting (FFmpeg enabled), Real streaming media support, Cron, Curl, GD2 & NetPBM, Python, ImageMagick, etc.

Cirtex hosting is powered by cPanel hosting control panel with Fantastico support (auto-install blog, forums, shopping cart, guestbook, etc.). Account setup is FREE and it is Instantly activated (!)

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Average CirtexHosting Rating by Visitors: 9.4 of 10 possible, Number of Votes: 15

CirtexHosting Reviews by our Visitors:

 Review by: raj83 - Date: September 24, 2007 - Rated: 9/10

We are new to cirtex hosting and this is the first time that we are giving our review to any host. The best thing about cirtex is there support. send them mail and u get reply in less than 2 hours (time zone difference) and they are ready to solve every problem whether it is slow server or any other problem. We have our other site on different host but till date (for last one year) we have not got any reply from there support department.
We asked cirtex for dedicated IP and it was set up in less than one hour whereas on other host we paid but after one year we have not got it yet.

Then prices for 3 dollar per month you cant even get a public transport ticket for whole day( we are in Aust) and here we get 5 gb space.

Yes our site did got downtime and was slow but at the moment we are not facing any problem. There support is excellent and we are planning to move our other site to there servers this month.

 Review by: Zarcon - Date: October 29, 2007 - Rated: 10/10

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up about the excellent service that I have received so far. I have been with another host since 2004. I decided to build a webpage that users could upload videos to. After about 20-25 hours of trying to figure out what was wronng, I called my host and they told me they would not allow it. I was frustrated. I could not believe that they would not let me use ffmpeg. I had just upgraded my package to the closest thing to enterprise and they still said no.

I came to Cirtex and signed up and my website was completely working within an hour. Finally, my new site is ready and working like a charm.

If you want to have more control over what you want your website to do, (It is YOUR website right) Then I would definitely recommend coming to Cirtex for your hosting needs.

 Review by: Bigtime - Date: April 28, 2008 - Rated: 10/10

I've been with Cirtex for 2 months and outstanding is the only word to decribe the service. After some initial hiccups with Minty, it finally burped and it's been smooth sailing since then.

I have several windows sites hosted on Godaddy and needed a Linux server to host my newest site on. Unfortunately Godaddy could not provide the level one support needed to get my site up and it was Cirtex to the rescue. My web site went up without a hitch (I needed Ioncube loaders). Although I did have to re load it once when Minty had diareaha, my software has worked like a gem since I loaded it.

Tech support is fantastic from level one right to the top. Support tickets during the Minty issues were answered immediately and anything else was handled right through the forums. The hands on approach from all support levels is what is most impressive as it doesn't take long for the higher level support techs to get involved when there is an issue.

As I get more and more into the Linux side of things with my software I will be transferring more of my domains for hosting with Cirtex.

 Review by: Tamil - Date: August 19, 2009 - Rated: 10/10

I am using Cirtexhosting to host my site for more than a year already and now I can say this experience with Cirtex hosting is the best I have had ever before.

Cirtex work is highly professional - I have never had so quick and user-friendly support from other hosts. The maximum time I had to wait for the reply from Cirtex is half an hour, while before Cirtex some other webhosts made my work stand for hours and even days.

Cirtexhosting charge reasonable price for their feature-rich accounts. that price might not be the lowest, but considering their reliability, availability of many useful features and web space and bandwidth what means no any shade of overselling or other deceit, their score is high. And I suppose everything is honest and corresponds the terms of service.

During all the term I am using Cirtexhosting webhosting services my website has been up all the time, and third party uptime monitoring service I tried does confirm that.

Sure I can't say that Cirtex is the world's best website hosting service, but it is definitely the best shared web hosting provider among all those I have ever used. I recommend the company for everyone who understands the quality and wants to have a reliable partner for any kind of online business.

 Review by: Tricia Vincent Sivers - Date: July 8, 2010 - Rated: 10/10

For me as for the non tech guy that is very important to understand that someone is here, next to me and ready to help any time. That is what Cirtexhosting has been providing for me.
I'm 100% certain they provide the best customer services and support!

 Review by: Xenios - Date: July 13, 2010 - Rated: 9/10

Using the reseller account from cirtexhosting for already two years. Currently am very pleased with the service I receive, and the amount of clients and business growth tempos are confirming the good dealing status.

The company gives just an excellent plans and supports its performance on always-on-top level.

Surely nothing is really ideal, and even here there appeared some speed lowdowns, but considering I am located mostly in Europe, while the servers are somewhere in the NY, the quality allows to named this company professional.

 Review by: Armand - Date: July 19, 2010 - Rated: 9/10

Started hosting with cirtex for about a two years ago, after one more fail of past host. Was looking for the company I could trust, and the deep scanning of the market brought me to the cirtexhosting.com which made good impression right after being looked up.

Chosen them prior to the other five candidates and now after two years I believe I was not mistaken. The company provides professional service with excellently high uptime and the support is very usable and professionally held.

The features and performance they give make them really productive and attractive host and everything that is promised is provided in the full volume. I recommend cirtexhosting.

 Review by: Hong Chu Damm - Date: August 31, 2010 - Rated: 9/10

I have been with this guys for quite long period of time and always they have been provided me good service. Sorry for the poor English though...

 Review by: Janice Li - Date: October 16, 2010 - Rated: 9/10

I just love Cirtex hosting services. There is help just about everywhere on their site especially their forums. I think what drew me more to Cirtex was their control panel features. I was looking at a few hosts that would take care of my video web sites and scripts but most of them would not offer me any kind of scripts to handle that and others weren't sure. With Cirtex I saw it as actual features offered and that really excited me. I haven't had any problems since signing up. I definitely recommend Cirtex if you're looking for good hosting.

 Review by: Megan Smith - Date: November 8, 2010 - Rated: 9/10

We run a media intense site so it was very important that all our needs were met. We were dissatisfied with our last host and started searching online for a new host. Someone recommended Cirtex hosting to us so we first looked up their price packages. Everything seemed OK and we purchased the "professional" video hosting plan for $11.99 and haven't looked back since. We've been with Cirtex for about awhile now for various sites we run and it hasn't been as problematic as our last host was.

 Review by: Hannah Everston - Date: December 24, 2010 - Rated: 9/10

Cirtex hosting is one of the best out there. I use multiple hosts for my sites. I wanted to have a chain of sites at different IPs and used Cirtex for about 80% of them. The first thing attracted me to Cirtex was the price for what they offered and 'm talking about the features which are the bomb! i give them top marks!

 Review by: Phillipe Lesonas - Date: January 15, 2011 - Rated: 10/10

For me Cirtex hosting is one of the best out there. I like the support they give when you are having trouble. They also have great forums with people ready to help you with the problems you are facing. Great technical advice for someone not so technical.;)

 Review by: Zack Hamiltion - Date: January 29, 2011 - Rated: 9/10

I thought I would share my review with you for Cirtex. At first I thought Cirtex was OK, but they have been improving and its a lot better now. Like anything else there are down days but they are not often and usually their support is on it right away. Most of all I am happy that we are seeing more interest from top level Admin which is handling concerns these days one on one.

 Review by: Mark Solen - Date: May 26, 2011 - Rated: 10/10

I moved to Cirtex after I found that my online business was failing because of too much down time with my last host. I was amazed at the cost and so much value for money at Cirtex.

 Review by: Luciano Martinelli - Date: December 14, 2011 - Rated: 9/10

I would like to say that I am glad to find Cirtexhosting web host. think that my review will be useful for other webmasters looking for reliable host. Was impressed by their Network uptime. Speed connection is also perfect. Customer service is top notch! When through the "chat option" on the Cirtex web page and their Representative responded within the minute. He walked me through and helped me sold my problem very quickly. This decent host gets both thumbs high up so far for everything I have had experience with... Keep up the good work guys!

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